San Francisco Soup Company is a locally owned business.   Each of our  restaurants is run with the same attention and care as our first location, Crocker Galleria, which we opened in 1999  in San Francisco’s financial district.   Our vision was to serve quality food in a fast, convenient environment.   At the time, San Francisco was starving for  great food that people could access on their short lunch breaks.

We thought that soup would be the perfect meal to nourish the body and warm the soul. The idea was to focus on the soup as the centerpiece of the lunch experience, rather than as an afterthought.   We knew that if we used quality ingredients our soups would be surprisingly good.   Over a period of about six months, we developed our opening repertoire of approximately forty recipes.   With a wide variety of flavors that included vegetarian, meat, spicy and sweet, we created a broad offering that was an immediate success.   From the beginning, we labeled our soups with our famous descriptors Vegetarian, Low Fat, Dairy Free, and Spicy.‚  Over the years we have added Low Carb and Gluten Free.   We have always known that our guests care about what they are eating, and we have been forthright in sharing nutritional information from the very beginning.

While our soups make a great meal, many people enjoy them with a sandwich or salad.   So, we opened our restaurant featuring combo meals, which bundle a half sandwich or side salad with the soups.   In recent years we have added a custom tossed salad bar  at our newer locations.   Salad and soup go together naturally, and are probably the healthiest options anyone could want for a quick, nourishing meal.   Our custom tossed salad bars include dozens of fresh toppings and organic greens.

Sustainability has always been a core value of our company.   We have been composting our food scraps since 2002 and we were among the first companies in the country to use biodegradable cutlery.   Now, nearly 100% of our packaging is either biodegradable or recyclable.   We offer at least three certified organic soups on the menu every day and we are committed to developing more organic varieties in the future.   It is also important to us to support local suppliers, which is why, for example, we use pasture-raised cage-free eggs from Vital Farms on all of our salads and breakfast menu.

If you ever have any feedback for us, we would love to hear from you.   We value your input and it is from your comments that we are best able to meet your needs.   To reach us simply click the “How are we doing?” button, which is located just below the left side navigation bar.

Thank you for your patronage.   It is a pleasure to serve you.